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~Photopoint Albums~

for your viewing pleasure

Blank Cactus Coyotes
Desert JoshuaTree NatlPark
Nature SkyLight Chilies
Flowers NightBoomer-Live NightBloomer-35's
Orchids Pets Collectables
Avon Glo-Dial clock Pairpoint Silver
Jewelry Memories Blank
Art/Paintings Bakery Crafts
Barbies Barb-Fun Dolls
Doll-my size Signs Blank
Dart Leagues Pool Leagues Cues 4 sale
Blank FAMILY Search Personal
Friends House Pond
Ford Trans Am Pets
Memories Silver Spur Blank
Blank Blank Blank
BLANK Cards Cards-Christmas
Cards-Easter Cards-Humor Cards-other
BLANK Blank Blank
Country-stars Film Stars Elvis
Worship Ministries soon
Shirley Destany Kaweah
soon soon soon




NOTE: camera~Minlota Maxxum 3000i
50-300 lens ...
film~Kodak 400 & 800 speed...
develope'n-Kmart $6.00 (doubles)...
loaded them with a broken cam, a special friend sent me... LOL, imagine IF I had good stuff, and knew what I was doin'...

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