Meet people like Dallas, who's searching for her long-lost brothers.

Creating A Mantlepiece for the World

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"Family" &cop

Sharing life's pleasures

Brigitte Reed, a hiking and fishing enthusiast, said she likes posting compliments on others' albums and enjoys receiving them on hers.

"There are a lot of wonderful people out there," Brigitte said. "It gives me great satisfaction to be able to meet others with the same interests and to exchange ideas."

I never realized that so many people are interested and enjoy my work," said Brigitte, who takes nature photos while hiking and fishing with her husband and their dog. "I am happy to share my heart's joys with the world and I hope they can sense at least a tiny bit of the joy I feel when I am in the wild, enjoying all the best that God has given us."

The three-step process of adding an album to the gallery is simple.

First, members must go to the album they want to add to the gallery and click the 'Submit Album to Gallery' button. Then, they must fill out the information requested, including name and a description of the album. Last, they need to click on the 'Submit' button. Done. And sorting albums is just as easy. Members can choose from 94 categories under which they want their album listed by clicking on the appropriate subject in a drop-down listbox. Generally, members are asked to categorize an album by the primary topic evident in more than half of the photos in that album.

Currently, the ten most popular subjects are North America, eBay, cars and automobiles, destinations/travel, families, nature, flowers and gardens, people, dogs and music and entertainment.

© Dallas Masters "Contents, mom was an artist, she saved pics, cards, postcards, from which she could paint. Her kids pics were in here along with friends and other family members I never met!" © Dallas Masters
One web-savvy member says she does something a little extra to draw more attention to her albums.

"When I choose a title for my albums, I try to think of something that is not only descriptive to the album but also creates interest and/or curiosity for the person trying to choose which albums to view," said Karyn Monroe, an artist in Tonopah, Ariz.

Nai-Chi Lee, a Philips Labs Researcher living in Cortland Manor, NY, also takes special care when he's arranging his gallery albums.

"I try to convey a theme or tell a story with each album," Lee said. "I pay a lot of attention in arranging the order of photos in each album and I always try to include some remarks which may help the readers to appreciate my pictures."

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