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Before the Dust Settles
Will you be ready to take that great action shot?

The Sharing Behind the Stories
Meet people like Dallas, who's searching for her long-lost brothers.

Dual Personality Advantage
Your emotions will make your subjects feel and respond a certain way.

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Creating A Mantlepiece for the World

© Ernie Tiemann "The fortress remains" © Ernie Tiemann

The possibilities are endless

Every day, thousands of people become PhotoPoint members. And every day, members submit hundreds of albums to the gallery.

So, if each photo is worth a thousand words, every album truly does hold hundreds of stories.

Like Dallas's story, which starts with a rather flighty mother and which, she hopes, ends with the discovery of her three lost brothers.

And sure, she knows it's a long shot. But if she does find them, she may just have PhotoPoint members to thank.

"I want to know the lost siblings," Dallas said. "We have a lot to talk about. I am the only one who holds the key to mom." End of Story

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